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Wealth Transformation with Dr. Cheryl Scheurer, Ph.D.


Wealth Transformation - Podcast  and  Binge TV Show - Wealth Transformation and TV Show "Wake up with Dr. Cheryl - Wealth Transformation" Hosting and Producing a show on Marin TV, "Raising the awareness and healing the relationship with Wealth and applying Unconditional Love." We have wonderful guests and make an impact on our viewers and subscribers relationship with Wealth and Spirituality.

Author and International Speaker and a single parent, Cheryl has a B.S. in Business Administration, an MBA in Finance and her Ph.D. in Financial Management. Entrepreneur for over 20 years with her own accounting and tax planning business. Cheryl worked in the Corporate Finance world for more than 10 years in Banking, Real Estate, Health Care as well as other business environments. Cheryl worked with her family's business from the age of 14.

Dr. Cheryl's first book is the beginning of a series of books on "Wealth Transformation - Integrity, Integrity, Integrity." A Wealth Healer. This book addresses the integrity and deep value issues of leaders and how they can change. It has strategies in particular to listening and hearing. Some of the processes teach how to pay attention to your own thoughts and change your core thinking.

Cheryl has completed her second book, "Journey to Frequency - Wealth Transformation."

Journey to Frequency tells her own Wealth Transformation biography and addresses the deep

unconscious blocks that you can free yourself of and open the gateway to what you desire and

want for your own financial wealth.

Integrity, ethics and the law of attraction need to be seriously re-woven into the very fiber and

foundation of our family, business and government. The art of listening and hearing are part of

the equation that are needed to obtain successful life decisions. Wealth Transformation

approaches all of these subjects and teaches you how to unlock the door to wealth and abundance

on several levels. This book reveals how your unconscious thoughts can demonstrate your current

wealth manifestation. For better or worse. The strategies in this book will possibly propel you to a

level you never would have imagined.

The choice is yours, in how much wealth you want to manifest in your life. The best conclusion is that you have the choice to change your thinking and behavior towards your wealth. Wealth covers many aspects of life !

“It's better to shoot for the moon and settle for the stars.”

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