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June 16, 2010

I received a message from Renee Bobb from the Renee Bobb Radio and TV Show that they are reading my book and getting ready to interview my on the radio show and on their TV show. The TV show is broadcast in New York City, Nashville, TN and Richmond, VA. This is very exciting.

Thank you Bradlsy Communication and Steve Harrison for this connection.

June 2, 2010

I am writing feverishly to finish my second book....I will be attending the PWI meeting on 6/5/2010 at the Hotel Whitcome. It is keeping the power of Women alive and well....in continuing our gathering and the template to keep inspiring all women.


We landed in Chicago after having a 2 hour delay from San francisco. We just made it to our connecting flight to Paris. We literally walked out of K19 and walked to K15 and the flight crew were boarding the plane and walked on the plane not too long after....We landed in Paris about 12 pm and went to the restaurant Les Petit Sommelier.. near the Tower Montparnasse for our dinner and had some great Fiou Grau and great wine. Had a meeting with PWI for speakers and arrangements for tomorrow and Saturday. This is great...the first Annual International Conference hear in PARIS.

We are so Excited ! Leaving for Paris, France 5/12/10 to 5/19/10. This will be my First Annual WPI Event and International Speaking Engagement. I am truly Grateful and Blessed.


The speaking engagement for Powerful Women International...today..I feel such energy from this occasion and what an affirmation that I am beginning my speaking engagements with a bang. With Passion and feeling such privledge from the impact that I had on my audience. The majority of them said , I was great, and they really felt my passion and healing and teaching. What more could I ask....except in a relatively short time I will be making money at this. Thank God. I feel blessed that I can touch people and assist in their deep healing to attract the wealth and happiness that they so deserve and dream about. Thank you for this opportunity.

May 28, 2010.

My niece, Larissa's 29 th birthday is today. Happy Birthday. I am obsessively writing my next book. I have found some great famous quotes that I can interject in my book.

This is all good,,,,flowing with the words. I am very grateful.


Wow, now I am an Official International Speaker.....The WPI Conference has been fabulous. Lots of powerful women and sharing. I am looking forward to the next event.

Paris is wonderful....we went to the Louvre, today and it is overwhelming with how big and how much history and preservation of history there is. The French artistry on the historical buildings is absolutely fantastic !!!! Viva French art....

The food is an epicurians delight.....

May 1st - Book signing happening @ New Living Expo today between 2-4 pm. Thanks to Dr. Kevin Emery and team ! Hope to see you there. Have Fun !


Tonight I had a live radio interview about my book and what I am teaching "Wealth Transformation"

with Dr. Kevin Emery on CBS Radio . On location in Tiburon, California. We met at CEO Space 310. What a wonderful experience to share and explore with Dr. Kevin. We seemed to flow with synchroncity and had fun live tonight. It was exciting and we are discussing doing a weekly radio session. This is invigorating....


WOW...we just got back from CEO SPACE FORUM from 3/22/10 through 3/28/10. What a breeding ground for success and assisting in going to the next level. This experience for meeting 100's of new contact and business connections are incredible. The whole experience is totally EMPOWERING. I'm looking forward to the next forum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Without exception, this is a MUSTfor your development and staging for the next huge level in your business and personal life. Of course your personal development is a reflection of your business life. So, unblock anything in your way to access your the unlimited mind set to access your wealh potential.

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