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November 2013..... Our show "Wake up with Dr. Cheryl" is going to be presented to LifeTime TV, The CW, Fit and Healthy- Discovery Channel, Bravo, TLC and more by New Show Studios and SFM Entertainement. Thanks to working with Anthony Valknas, President of New Show Studios in Pittsburgh, PA.

March 2013 -----WOW...I can't believe that it's been 8 months since we started our show "Wake up with Dr. Cheryl" It's been wonderful and such a learning experience and feel totally blessed with all the support of my crews...They are the BEST.

7/25- CM2 asked if I would be interested having a program weekly. WOW...This is something to think about and it will be some added work. It's invigerating.!

7/22/12- Finished Proposal for CM2 TV show and is approved. SO EXCITING !! "Wake up with Dr. Cheryl" Show. Looking to start Late August or Sept. Need to get the crew before the dates are set up. So very Exciting........My business partner with the Ghana Business died a few days ago. Very sad! His son is still there and needs support. It looks like I will making a trip to Ghana soon.

June - Three more publisher opts...Mentoring to PWI, WCW and IEENI for breakthroughs for their professionalism and Wealth. Involved with World Cultural Women's creating a 1 Million women conference at the Moscone Center in 2015. Starting the process of creating a TV series with MC2 in Marin Channel 26 this month in training starting 6/22/12.

April 2012 - The next opportunity that is on the plate is one of my associates has a contact with an Editor of Hay House for the publishing of my second of a series of books.

On April 3rd attended a workshop for the beginning stages of getting a Television show on the Marin Community Network, channel 26 and others. This is exciting and we hope this will come to fruition by this summer.

I am mentoring clients every week in their Wealth Transformation. We are continuing with Webinars, seminars with Craig Hamilton's - Key to Evolving Beyond the Ego- This teleclass was phenominal, Craig has a gift to offer for getting past the Ego -

and Awakening Women, Lee Glickstein - Relational Presence, PWI for Int'l Women's Day, Jack Canfield's Healing with Tapping,

Here it is March 2012 already...Oh My ..where does the time fly too ?... The Dubai venture is no longer an option. We are in the beginning stages of getting a proposal together for a live TV show on the Marin TV curcuit. Also, I am following up on a lead for a connection into Hay House for publishing. Perseverance, persistance and determination...and tenacity....this is what it takes to get things done !! Never giving up ! In Gratitude !

November 2011-

We have been working very hard with 2 major business partners in Dubai, UAE and Ghana, Africa, since February 2011. We have had some delays but I am positive that all of our efforts are paying off.

Patience and Perseverance !!! With Faith and Miracles from God...and of course GRATITUDE..July 2011 - Publishers - Chronicle, Crowne and 10 Speed are interested in my book and We are completing 2 other big contracts.

Agent - Elisa Celli has submitted my book package to Simon & Schuster, Penguin, and Harper Collins and 3 more. Incubation stage in a TV production.

Dec- Jan. Feb 1at.

Finishing 2nd Book- Journey to Frequency - Wealth Transformation.... Article published in SELF GROWTH.COM ......ARTICLE BEING PUBLISHED IN DR. RICHARD.NORRIS'S "LESSONS FOR THE RECESSION".......Article published in Being published in eBook "No Thanks, I'll skip the Recession" with Mark Victo Hansen and Brian Tracy.

11/12 - Tonight I am the Guest Speaker at the Pink Passport Society. This is a great honor and I am delighted to continue spreading the word of Wealth Transformation and healing around you money and wealth. Also planning my Book Launching Campaign Party for Jan. 18, 2011. This is very exciting.

11/5/10 - YES..I am going to the Bradley Quantum Leap Workshop !!! Peggy McColl will be there and many others...Getting to Philadelphis is a bit of a challenge and I KNOW it will be worth it... this is 11/15 -11/16/10

10/17/10 - This morning aftrer watching my favorite minister...I really got on a soul level that you must pray to the mountain on your path and know that God is right there with you. Before I was praying for God to do it for me...Another revelation in my own God empowerment.

10/16/10 - Participated in PWI Sacramento Event @ Doubletree Inn

10/13/2010 - Speaking at CEO Space Event in Tiburon @ 6:30 - 9:00 PM

October - Became a member of San Francisco Breakfast Club

10/5/10 - Peggy McColl's Mentoring is fabulous...What a generous Coach. This was the 5th session. I can not wait to speak with her on 10/12/10.

9/27/2010 - Getting READY for my BOOK LAUNCHING CAMPAIGN...YES....This is exciting....LSept. 24-25 - Down in Newport Beach/Costa Mesa...Workshop with Eric Lofholm....Was Fabulous....Learning The many closing Scripts...

Thanks Eric!!!

September 15, 2010 - I have been planting so many seeds for success that I haven't had time to write on my blog....Things are happening...Radio Shows and NY Best Seller coaching. Whhooo Hooooo...

August 10, 2010

Just completed my Ph.D. in Financial Management.

Thank you God!! I am exilerated and elated....going forward is even more exciting....Now I can unite and merge my Financial Background with being a Minister.

July 27, 2010- I was delighted to be a Keynote Speaker for the Evening Event @ CEO Space in Tiburon, CA. I spoke about my newest book, "Wealth Transformation - Journey to Frequency". This is exciting and well recieved. I am Grateful to speak about this anytime.

July 1, 2010

I continue to write and almost finished with my second book - Wealth Transformation-Journey to Frequency. I am meeting more people on my path and looking at creating all that is necessary for the success of the sales of my book and speaking engagements. I am also looking at expanding to audio and visual representations of my books.

I am looking forward to being featured in WOW magazine and radio and TV with Renee Bobb in August.            Copyright 2019

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